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Sports Physiotherapy is a speciality that deals with preventing and treating sports related injuries. Similar to Physiotherapy, it is the practice of restoring function and movement to the limbs when somebody is affected by injury or following a preventative screening.

As athletes place immense strain on their bodies by pushing their muscles, joints and bones to their limits, Sports physiotherapists are required to help athletes recover from sporting injuries.


With the end goal being returning Sportsmen and Sportswomen to their respective sports, Sports Physiotherapy can improve a vast range of conditions that are associated with sports personnel and does so by evaluating the scientific knowledge that underpins all treatments of the body. 

sports physio treatments


We are qualified to perform a variety of procedures pertaining to sports injuries management. First, through consultation, we will endeavour to diagnose and explain your problem. We do this with detailed questioning, skilled observation and by performing diagnostic tests that will thoroughly assess your muscles, joints, nerves and their associated structures.


As an esoteric, science-based service, a degree education is mandatory because an in-depth knowledge of Sports Physiotherapy is essential. Each sports physiotherapist has sport-specific knowledge and will give you expert advice or the best manual treatment/therapy. All of our Physiotherapists are Chartered and Registered with the Health Professions Council.

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