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By arrangement


Athlete Matters
Sports Physiotherapists

Ackerley House
Forrester Street
Roe Green, Worsley
Manchester - M28 2JL

0161 702 9474

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Dedicated to helping you back to full fitness...

Athlete Matters is based at Worsley Physio Clinic located in Manchester. We specialise in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. We have four Private consulting rooms, a fully equipped Exercise Studio for classes, cardiovascular training and resistance training including a Pilates Reformer.

We are Chartered Physiotherapists registered with the Health Professions Council. This means that we are regulated and commit to upholding high standards of Professionalism and Quality. We work with the international class and professional, as well as the recreational athlete on a regular basis to treat and also prevent injuries. We offer high quality, prompt management of Sports Injuries which deals with the problem before it escalates, with access to experienced allied health care professionals such as Podiatry and a Sports Medicine Consultant

We aim to provide a high standard of care, high level of expertise and value for money for those requiring immediate care and attention.

Sports Injury Specialists


Athlete Matters treat all sports injuries regardless of the sport and our list of experts is growing all the time.

We understand that your sport is important to you and we will work with you to enable a return to fitness as quickly as possible. We have experience with treating many international athletes and offer the same level of expertise and care to all our clients.

Worsley Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic

Athlete Matters Sports Physiotherapists are based at the Worsley Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic.

They offer physiotherapy treatments for a variety of conditions using the most recent innovative and evidence based techniques. All our Physiotherapists are registered with the Health Professions Council, which ensures high levels of training and professionalism.

They are also registered with all major insurance companies.

For further information please visit Worsley Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic.

Where to Find Us

Athlete Matters Sports Physiotherapists are based at the Worsley Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic just west of Manchester.

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